Do things require method, will be orderly, get twice the result with half the effort. Let oneself become the conductor of the orchestra, the customer become the player of the performance, in order to play a new brilliant future.On January 12, 2019, all the staff of Huitong Group and its subsidiaries were full of vigor and passion from morning till night. Let's take a look back through this article.


Annual Management Meeting


In the morning,Huitong Group Vice President: Ms. Liu Liyu; Chairman of Kanghong Intelligence: Mr. Zhao Guoman, in order to inspire the morale and embark on a new journey in 2019, huitong group r&d base has held huitong and Kanghong 2018 annual business meeting.

2018 korenix group and each unit along with the person this, the direction of the comprehensive development of advancing steadily, Kang Hong intelligence (stock code: 839416) is on the high and new technology research and development for a major breakthrough, and get 15 utility model patent certificate, four intelligent high-tech invention patent, a wholly owned subsidiary, the industry in the "software" for four software product certificate...


Group photo of all, successful conclusion of the annual business meeting


Annual summary and commendation conference


In the afternoon, all staff attended the 2018 Annual summary and commendation conference of Huitong Group and its subsidiaries at the headquarters of Huitong Group.



During the meeting, General Manager Zhao, General Manager Liu and General Manager Deng made speeches to summarize the operation of Huitong Group, Kanghong Intelligence and Huitong New Material in 2018, and set plans and goals for all staff in 2019:While firmly occupying the existing territory, we should quickly lay down New Territories! Performance and quality benefit should walk in the forefront of the country! Has always maintained a strong momentum of development, superior skills!



General Manager Zhao of Huitong Group and General Manager Liu of Huitong New Material took a group photo with them after awarding awards to outstanding teams and staff of the group and its subsidiaries.Be vigorous in what you should do, keep improving in what you are doing, be prepared for what you have left undone, and forge ahead in what you have done.The enterprise is proud of having you. In 2019, we will create new brilliance together in pioneering progress!


Photo taken by all, the annual commendation conference successfully concluded


Huitong Group Annual Meeting grand Ceremony


In the evening, the 16th annual party of Huitong Group began solemnly. Mr. Zhao Guoman, chairman of Huitong Group, made a speech and toast to all the present staff and guests.Time flies, Huitong Group has gone through its own 16 years old, 16 years of accumulation, 16 years of effort and harvest,In 2018, Huitong Group has formed an important name card for the whole country and the world with the excellent service spirit of pioneering and enterprising, frugality and pragmatism, quality first and customer first.Achievements can not be achieved without the hard work of colleagues, but also without the love and support of partners and friends.



Chairman of Huitong Group: Mr. Zhao Guoman and the guests attending the annual meeting toast to the new leap of the enterprise in 2019 and create new brilliance together.



Leaders of Huitong group draw prizes for the first prize winners and take photos with them. To thank all the staff of Huitong for their hard work,The group prepared very rich gifts to be raffled off. Encourage all staff to work together, forge ahead, the pursuit of excellence, and create first-class!



Finally, huitong Group's most beautiful scenery line with "Tomorrow will be better" singing huitong Group 2019;We will continue to strengthen the sense of innovation, improve the innovation mechanism, strive to achieve breakthroughs in important fields and new and high technologies, and play a leading role in the process of building China into a scientific and technological powerhouse. In the new development goal of 2019, the group will implement brand management, improve the group's hard and soft strength, independent innovation ability, and highlight the industrial structure and main business; New starting point, new journey, Huitong 2019 will definitely break through new leap and new glory!


The 16th Party of Huitong Group came to a successful end